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PRC Marking Tapes

Sentry Line™ Detectable tapes may be located by inductive or conductive methods utilizing most standard pipe and cable locators. Color coded for application and non-adhesively laminated, Sentry Line tapes are colorfast and chemically inert for lifetime stability underground and have been successfully located more than twenty years after internment. Also available in reinforced and non-reinforced grades.

Sentry Line™ Reinforced Detectable
The top of the line in detectable tapes. Superior tensile strength and puncture resistance allows it to withstand the rigors of being plowed in without breaking. This also makes it ideal for Detectable Marking Tapes situations where site conditions are difficult.

Sentry Line™ Detectable Similar to above but with lower tensile strength and puncture resistance.

Terra Clips are used to electrically connect one roll of detectable tape to the next and for connecting lengths of tape placed over laterals or tees. These must be installed at the time the tape is buried if the location method will be conductive but they can also be used to enhance continuous inductive location. Terra Clips are packaged in bags suitable for making 5 splices or bulk packaged.


Recommended Placement Depths of Detectable Tapes

As a general guideline we recommend the following depths be followed unless the products has been proven to be locatable at deeper depths with the type of locator being used, soil conditions, etc.

These are guidelines only:

  • 2 Inch width up to 12 inches deep
  • 3 Inch width up to 24 inches deep
  • 6 inch width up to 36 inches deep

Many of the more sensitive locators on the market may be capable of locating at twice of more the recommended depths shown.

Factors that may affect location depth and distance include the following:

  • Type and sensitivity of locator being utilized.
  • Type and location method being utilized.
  • Distance the receiver is from the transmitter.
  • Location of other metallic underground structure to the tape.
  • Experience of the person using the locator with the operation of that model of locator.
  • Type of soil and / or surfaces above marking tape.
  • Moisture level of the soil.
  • Condition of batteries in locator.

Magnetic locators or ferrous metal locators will not be able to locate detectable tape at any depth since detectable tape is aluminum based, which is a non-ferrous metal.


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